Big News: August 2019 dates announced

The dates for the next Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar have are Tuesday August 6 - Thursday August 8, 2019. This will be outside of Boston in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The venue is the beautiful Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel & Conference Center.

Spend 3 full days with Tommy Vee learning all about Stage Hypnosis. Tommy will share everything he knows about Stage Hypnosis with you. His career began over 25+ years and he has performed at major Corporations, Universities, Fairs & Expositions, High Schools in the United States, Canada, England, Iceland & the Cayman Islands.

This training covers Stage Hypnosis from beginning to the end and is based on the methods and techniques of Jerry Valley, America’s Most Captivating Hypnotist. Following the training is the NGH Convention.


The 2017 Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar

Another Stage Hypnosis training in the books. This one was hosted by the National Guild of Hypnotist at their annual Convention.

Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Conference, in the books

Here are some comments from attendees of the 2017 Conference:

"It was epic just like you said it was going to be! Well done!"
-Lori Redlinski

GREAT Conference!!!!!!!!
-Marsha Starr

"Remember, Tommy - If you guys hadn't put this together, it would not have happened! We're indebted to you and Mike for bringing the conference together."
-David Harrod

"I am really glad I came to this conference. I had wondered how much information could really be conveyed in an all-lecture conference, but I got a ton of specific tips that I'll be putting to use right away, as well as some more philosophical points that I'll be considering for a long time to come. Thank you, Tommy and Michael, for putting this together. Thank you, William Mitchell, for suggesting that I should attend. I have not had a better-invested three days in a long time."
-Jeffrey Richards

"Thank you for all of your hard work. It was great."
-Susan Rosen

"Thanks to all the presenters. I got so many great ideas and found resources to help. It was nice to meet you all."
-Doug Jones

"This has been a very positive experience. It seems that everyone else that attended feels the same.  
I agree. It was really excellent."
-Alan Sands

"Is there anything more mesmerizing then ten top tier professional mind bending hypnotist touting their climb to the top as I sit there observing and listening while in revelry, seeing myself as number eleven."
-Ralph Velotti

"Excellent Conference.. definitely picked up nuggets to move forward. Thank you!!!"
-Mariana De Leon Matthews

"Great conference, a lot to take home and implement:)"
-Gilles Bernard

A little more information........

We appreciate your patience with this announcement. All the details will be made public within weeks.

Here's what I can reveal so far:

This is a training opportunity for Stage Hyps who want to work more.

We are gathering the 'Best of the Best' Lecturers in the business and we are assembling the line up as I type.

This training is NOT a training for Steg Hyps, not for those who want to learn to be a stage hyp.

It will take place in Las Vegas, NV., USA, March 10 - 12, 2017.

This opportunity will be affordable and very valuable to your business. Two luncheons are included plus something special on Friday evening.

There will be an 'early bird' fee that is only available to those who act fast. 

That's all for now folks!

See you in Las Vegas!

— Tommy Vee, Michael DeSchalit & Jerry Valley

How I use the Hand Clasp experiment....

I never use suggestibility testing in my show with the exception of the Hand Clasp experiment. Let me explain how to use this powerful experiment that will increase your success, put the odds in your favor and create luck for you. 

After my introduction and perhaps performing a mentalism effect or telling a few jokes, I will invite those who wish to participate in the show (volunteer) to come up and join me on stage. Then I will give the volunteers some simple instructions and explain to them that I would like to do something with the audience. It is important to be sure that the volunteers, on stage, do not participate in what you are about to do.

Addressing the audience, I explain that I know that there are many of you who are wondering whether you should have volunteered. Many people come up after the show saying that they wished they had volunteered. So, audience…’s an experiment that you can take right now, in your seats. It’s what I call an experiment in focused attention or imagination. Try it, it’s amazing.

Now, go into the Hand Clasp experiment with the audience. As you begin, look over your shoulder to be sure that the seated volunteers are simply relaxing and not participating in the the experiment. This is very important. Why? If the willing volunteers try this experiment and fail, they will most likely believe that they will fail at hypnosis.

Once you complete the experiment and have locked several people in the audience, ask those who locked to stand up. Explain that to be release from this, you must be standing. It is quite impressive as people start popping up throughout the venue and you hear the reaction from the audience and those seated on stage.

Next is to unlock them and explain the experiment. At the conclusion of the explanation, you invite those that locked to join you on stage. You invite them in a commanding voice and they will join you.

Now, what have you done here? You just added to your group of willing volunteers, several people who have achieved muscle catalepsy in waking hypnosis. In other words, these are people who generally would make great hypnotic subjects!

By inviting them to join the volunteers on stage, you have increased your odds of have a great show! Does it mean that they definitely will make great subjects in your show? No, but chances are that they will.

The order that you conduct this experiment in is critical. Some hypnotists ask, “How about if I perform the hand clasp before I invite anyone up on stage? That way I can pick only those who have locked or passed the test”? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the problem. What if no one locks their hands? It can and does happen. What if only 2 persons lock? OK, let’s say you lock 12 persons. What happens if you invite them to participate on stage and they do not want to? This happens. Some are scared or frightened a bit by you locking their hands. 

Use this experiment all the time. Use it in the order that I use it and you will get great subjects to join you on stage.

 It’s brilliant!

-Tommy Vee

"I am not hypnotized' experiment

 The way to make your show go from great to brilliant is simply, attention to detail. It’s the little things that you do that make a huge difference. What do I mean about this? Knowing your material (patter) so well that while you are talking on stage, you can listen to how you sound. Pausing, raising and lowering your voice. Being permissive at times and then authoritarian at others. Paying attention not to block the view of the audience and camera, if you are recording. Being sure that the people in the very last row can hear you clearly. Putting the microphone in front of the person’s mouth that is speaking. Getting so excited on stage that your committee members will do just about anything you suggest.

There is a huge amount of little things that, when addressed, these little things will make your show brilliant. You see, a lot of hyp shows are good and only a few are great. This is where your show can be different than the others. 

Going back to the drawing board, we always stress that impressionability is an important
factor in your show. Here’s a routine that Jerry Valley and I use often and really have fun with it. We call it the Waking Hypnosis routine. You begin by selecting a committee member that is responding very well. Before you awaken them, you tell them that in a moment, when I ask you, how did you enjoy the hypnosis, you will reply saying that it did not work for you, you are not hypnotized, nothing happened. You simply deny being hypnotized no matter how many times I ask you. In fact, you might get a little irritated with me asking so often. Now, even though you think you are not hypnotized, you follow my suggestions and act upon them accordingly. One more thing. When I ask you to return to your seat, you will sit and the moment, the instant that you are seated, your eyelids close, your body collapses like a dish rag and you go into deep hypnosis. You will not fall out of the chair, but you will actually collapse on the person sitting to your right.

Now you awaken the person and or your entire committee. Then ask the person to stand next to you. Here comes the fun. You feel pretty good? Nice. So be honest, tell the audience how it feels to be hypnotized. The response usually is, Oh, I am not hypnotized, it didn’t work. So you’re not hypnotized? No. (Here’s the waking hypnosis). Wow, it didn’t work for you, ok. Hey, you know what? You are standing here on stage naked! You’re naked on stage. No, that’s not true, you have clothes on. So, are you hypnotized? I said, NO! The committee member gets irritated now. You’re not in hypnosis? NO! Ok, well, now I am naked! Ok, I have clothes on. So I guess now you are hypnotized? NO! So you can continue with amnesia if you want by saying……Tell me, what’s your name you forgot? Or, what town do you live in you forgot? After doing the waking hypnosis, send the person back to their seat and watch as they going into hypnosis instantly and collapse. Then, say to the audience, I guess the hypnosis isn’t working.

Folks, this experiment is very, very impressive. Just do it with confidence. Memorize the patter (suggestions) and have a ball with it. Let me know if you add a twist.

-Tommy Vee

Getting Volunteers Up On Stage

I imagine that ‘getting volunteers up on stage’ in your show is always a big concern. What happens if no one volunteers, right?

There are certain factors that will help you ALWAYS get people to volunteer in your show. The simple fact that stage hypnosis is very popular today is a good one. People want to come see a good show. There is a lot of interest in it today.

Have you played to this audience before or are you “known” to your audience? There’s something to be said about “Your reputation precedes you”. This may be the reason they came to see you. They expect you to hypnotize people on stage.

Here’s a big factor. Is your audience a “paying audience”? This is the best type of audience a stage hypnotist could ask for. Everyone in attendance has paid good money to see a show and have fun.

Your introduction is critical. This is where the audience judges you. This is your opportunity to show your confidence and knowledge in hypnosis so that by the time you ask for volunteers, the audience considers you the “obvious expert” in the field of hypnotism.

Your introduction should briefly cover the misconceptions regarding hypnosis and the benefits of its use. Now, if you have been at the venue before, if your audience knows of you, if they are paying to see you or if the audience is college students, you will shorten you introduction because you can! You don’t have to spend as much time “romancing” the audience as you do with a first time corporate show. At the corporate show, you do spend some time dispelling the myths and how they could use hypnosis for stress reduction, better sales and how good it feels to be hypnotized.

Another thing to consider is whether to tell a few jokes and or do a mentalism effect before your show. I almost always joke around with the audience and will often tell a few non-ethnic jokes. Doing a mentalism effect such as the “deck toss” or the “book test” amazes your guests. I will do one of these after my intro and right before I call for volunteers.

I always make the following 2 part promise to the audience. First of all, NO ONE gets embarrassed in my show. I do not do that type of show otherwise I would not have been invited here tonight. Secondly, if you get into it, by the time we finish, you will feel the best you have in a long time. All stress, tensions and irritations will be gone and you will have the best night’s sleep you have had in a while. Doesn’t that sound inviting? Who wouldn’t want that?

Remember that your introduction is very important to the success of the show. Jerry Valley used to remind me of the fact that I know more about hypnosis than anyone in this room tonight. With that in mind, you can exude great confidence get your audience volunteers to STORM THE STAGE. Volunteers, come on up!

-Tommy Vee

Big News For Stage Hypnotists

This is going to be so BIG, I can not believe it. All I say at this point is that there will be an AMAZING training for Stage Hyps who want to work more. It will happen in Las Vegas, March 2017. This type of event is different from anything you have ever seen before. You will be BLOWN away when you see the list of top notch presenters. 

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for more..........

Another Seminar in the books & Big News coming!

We have just completed the 2016 Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar at the National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention in Massachusetts. We trained new stage hypnotists from as far away as India.

The next training will be August 2017. If you want to learn sooner, call us and we will tell you about private training opportunities.

And the Big News.......well, this news will be revealed real soon. All we can say right now is that there will be an opportunity for Stage Hypnotists who want to work more. This is coming to Las Vegas in March 2017. Stay tuned!

Complete the form here are you will the first to know:

That's all for now folks,

-Tommy Vee