The Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Conference

.......just for Stage Hypnotists

Dates for the next Conference to be announced.

This is an opportunity for Stage Hypnotists who want to work more and elevate their shows to new levels.

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As you know, Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee & Michael DeSchalit have been teaching the Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar for many years now but we wanted to re-tool our approach to a training program For Stage Hypnotists. This is a two and a half day conclave for stage hypnotists who have the desire to take their shows and career to the next level. This conference will be structured similar to others in nature in as much as there will be presenters who will cover a range of topics from marketing to production to showmanship and more, but of course, focused entirely on Stage Hypnosis

We have gathered the 'cream of the crop' of Stage Hypnotists who are out there performing a lot of shows. These experts have agreed to join us to share what techniques are working for them and keeping them busy.

Our 2018 presenters were:

Alan Sands * Susan Rosen * Dan Candell * Paul Ramsay * Catherine Hickland * Jason Linett * Anthony Galie * Michael DeSchalit * Tommy Vee
Our guest Emcee was Jerry Valley.

Memories from our 2018 Conference.....




Memories from our 2017 Conference.....

Here are some comments from attendees of the 2017 Conference:

"It was epic just like you said it was going to be! Well done!"
-Lori Redlinski

GREAT Conference!!!!!!!!
-Marsha Starr

"Remember, Tommy - If you guys hadn't put this together, it would not have happened! We're indebted to you and Mike for bringing the conference together."
-David Harrod

"I am really glad I came to this conference. I had wondered how much information could really be conveyed in an all-lecture conference, but I got a ton of specific tips that I'll be putting to use right away, as well as some more philosophical points that I'll be considering for a long time to come. Thank you, Tommy and Michael, for putting this together. Thank you, William Mitchell, for suggesting that I should attend. I have not had a better-invested three days in a long time."
-Jeffrey Richards

"Thank you for all of your hard work. It was great."
-Susan Rosen

"Thanks to all the presenters. I got so many great ideas and found resources to help. It was nice to meet you all."
-Doug Jones

"This has been a very positive experience. It seems that everyone else that attended feels the same.  
I agree. It was really excellent."
-Alan Sands

"Is there anything more mesmerizing then ten top tier professional mind bending hypnotist touting their climb to the top as I sit there observing and listening while in revelry, seeing myself as number eleven."
-Ralph Velotti

"Excellent Conference.. definitely picked up nuggets to move forward. Thank you!!!"
-Mariana De Leon Matthews

"Great conference, a lot to take home and implement:)"
-Gilles Bernard

This is an opportunity for Stage Hypnotists who want to work more and elevate their shows to new levels.

In 2017, our presenters were:

* Jason Linett * Rich Guzzi * Terry Stokes * Dan Candell * Sean Michael Andrews * Marshall Sylver * *William Mitchell * Jim Wand*

In 2017, some of the topics covered were......

  • How I became a successful Comedy Club Hypnotist without an agent, manager, TV or movie credits

  • Set it and Forget it Marketing - Create a hypnosis business that runs itself

  • Why I market Clean Comedy Hypnosis Shows & how to create Hypnotic Phenomenon in your shows

  • How to write original routines and material to keep Your show unique & original

  • Street and Rapid Hypnosis

  • Inside Secrets to marketing stage hypnosis shows

  • Use your show to promote Live Seminars & create additional Streams of Income

  • Mega Marketing - Using your shows as a Lead Generation Machine

  • How to “Up You Value, get Repeat and Referral Bookings, and Increase Your Income” year after year from After-Proms, Grad-Nights, University and other bookings. 

In 2017, our amazing presenters were.......

A little bit about your presenters:

Jason Linett

Jason Linett helps event planners make their events unforgettable and uproariously fun with totally novel programs consisting of hypnosis, comedy, and audience participation.

Jason is a full-time professional entertainer. Working for over 120 clients a year, he can most often be seen in front of corporate or high school audiences.

In addition to touring the country doing stage hypnosis programs and working with thousands of private clients, I discovered a knack for running a successful business. The local hypnosis community served as my initial inspiration to make the jump to full-time self-employment, though it soon become clear that my results with clients and success in private practice was far outreaching theirs – even in my first year.

Dan Candell

Dan’s specialty is corporations. He understands the needs of a corporate events, and also the regulations of the corporate structure. These shows are always fun, entertaining, and he also adds a motivational message to each corporate show so people walk away feeling good and ready to take positive action towards their organizational goals! Dan’s program is great for corporate outings, annual meetings, and conventions. 


Bonus: Any attendee who is an NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) member will receive 20 CEUs.
Upon completion, YOU must notify the NGH for your CEUs.

Meet your hosts and the creators of the
Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Conference:

A little bit about your hosts:

Michael DeSchalit

Michael has been a performer for over 30 years. He is a Multi-Award Winning Magician and Master Stage Hypnotist and has performed in such venues as The Four Seasons Luxury Resort in Las Vegas, The RMS Queen Mary, The Prado in San Diego, The Treasure Chest River Boat Casino in New Orleans, The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and most recently, exclusive engagements at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, the Riviera Hotel and Casino, and the Orleans Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Michael is also a seasoned Motivational Speaker, Nationally Certified Trainer, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

Tommy Vee

Tommy is a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists, instructor with the Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar and was nominated for stage excellence at the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame.

After becoming a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Tommy began his stage career and has been doing both successfully since then. Tommy is on the faculty of the Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar which has had several hundred graduates from the USA, Canada, Iceland, Cayman Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Lebanon, Ireland, and Wales since 1998.

Tommy does a lot of repeat business in venues that include Corporate, Universities & Colleges, High Schools, Fairs & Expositions, Campgrounds, for Non-Profit Organizations. Billed as “Hypnotist Extraordinaire”, he has had many successful tours throughout the United States, Canada, England, Grand Cayman and Iceland.

Jerry Valley

Jerry Valley's stage career spans over 45 years where he has appeared all over the world as the featured hypnotist on the QE2 and other cruise ships. He has also been featured on the TV show "20/20" and in several movies with cameo speaking roles as well as several TV commercials.

Mr. Valley, a full-time stage hypnotist, often performs in many luxurious venues throughout the United States, England, Mexico, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic,The Bahamas and more. He just completed his 22nd year at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY. He also performed at the Philadelphia State Fair, the Duchess County Fair, NY, the Virginia State Fair and the Brevard County Fair in Florida. The fans return again and again to see the expertise of America's Most Captivating Hypnotist.

Cancellation Policy: Prior to October 26, 2017, refunds will be permitted minus a 10% processing fee. After October 26, 2017 and before November 26, 2017, refunds will be permitted minus a 25% Processing fee. After November 26, 2017, and before December 26, 2017, refunds will be permitted minus a 50% processing fee. After December 26, 2017, no refunds will be granted.

*Presenters and Topics covered are subject to change.

*Video & Audio recording is NOT permitted. We appreciate your cooperation.