Learn Stage Hypnosis

Boston (Marlborough, MA.)

Tues Aug 6 - Thurs Aug 8, 2019
3 Full Days with Training Materials

Learn the methods & techniques of Jerry Valley, America’s Most Captivating Hypnotist. Growing up watching & learning from my father has obviously influenced the style of my shows. Jerry has been performing for over 45 years and I have been performing for 25+ years. I will share it all with you.


Seminar Details

Fame, Fortune and Success can be yours.
Now is the time to become a professional Entertainer.

Let us show you how to earn some real money. Our graduates earn from $1000 to $3000 per 75 minute show.

Tommy Vee, with over 25 years of experience, can help turn your ambitions into a reality. He will teach you every aspect of the business with in depth, hands on training that can get you up and running a show of your own within weeks (results vary).

Anyone, of average intelligence or better, can easily learn how to do these shows. In the United States alone, there are millions of organizations that want some form of entertainment and....... it could very well be your show. We do shows world-wide and, you can also do world-wide shows once you learn and practice the techniques that we will teach you. This can be an experience that you will never forget.

What you will learn

  • "How to do it" with numerous, hands-on supervised practice sessions

  • A Super Introduction (pre-talk) that will Impress your audiences
    **This is the MOST important part of your show**

  • Romance the audience so well that they want to be on stage with you & they storm the stage when called for

  • How to identify, attract & handle the best volunteers & how to easily remove volunteers from the stage

  • Inductions, Rapid Inductions & Instants

  • Hidden techniques for deepening hypnosis

  • Inside Secrets that make your show go from great to stellar

  • Analyze & discuss the inside secrets after watching show videos

  • Routines that "bring the house down" elevating you above your competition

  • How to create routines

  • Essential business techniques to market, book & promote your shows

  • How to conduct Lecture-Demos to attract new shows & clinical clients

  • How to book your first show

  • How to get great testimonials from every client

  • How to properly use the microphone

  • How to contact agents and buyers

  • How to get booked with FREE travel

  • How to make extra money with Audio & Video Back Of The Room Sales (BOR)

  • Learn the proven methods & techniques of Jerry Valley, America’s Most Captivating Hypnotist

Special Bonus: Each student will receive the 2005 stage seminar set of brilliant Videos filmed in Las Vegas featuring the great, late Ormond McGill who was a pioneer in the stage hypnosis field, wrote over 40 books on stage hypnotism and was regarded as the "Dean of American Hypnotists." This was Ormond McGill's last teaching seminar. This resource also features Jerry Valley & other guest instructors. These videos are an invaluable tool for training & review.
We are the only stage training organization that can provide this heirloom set valued at $900.

Your Investment Includes:

  • 3 Full Days of training with Tommy Vee

  • Certification in Stage Hypnosis Safety Training (qualifies you for stage insurance)

  • Frameable Stage Hypnosis Certificate issued by Tommy Vee Productions

  • Live Telephone, E-mail or Skype After Workshop Support at No Charge

  • ALL Students will receive over $1200 worth of learning materials including books, tutorial Videos and after- class support from me. If you have a question, I can answer it.

  • Jerry Valley’s book, ‘Inside Secrets of Stage Hypnotism’ (the nuts & bolts manual)

  • Show Videos Of Tommy Vee, Jerry Valley, & Ormond McGill

  • Tommy’s Induction & Hand Clasp Patter (word for word)

  • Jerry Valley’s Introduction & Induction Patter (word for word)

    Additional Special Bonus: If you plan on staying for the NGH Convention, Tommy will purchase your admission to the two Stage Hypnosis shows on Friday evening. You will see a male & female stage hypnotist, each with their own different styles. You get to see it all coming together after learning it in the training.

Transportation, room, other meals and additional expenses are not included in the workshop investment.

This workshop increases in size every year, seating is limited...

Private, personalized training with Tommy Vee is also available, anytime, by reservation.

If you can not wait until the next training, e-mail or call to learn about my fast-paced, intensive, one-on-one internship.

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