Getting Volunteers Up On Stage

I imagine that ‘getting volunteers up on stage’ in your show is always a big concern. What happens if no one volunteers, right?

There are certain factors that will help you ALWAYS get people to volunteer in your show. The simple fact that stage hypnosis is very popular today is a good one. People want to come see a good show. There is a lot of interest in it today.

Have you played to this audience before or are you “known” to your audience? There’s something to be said about “Your reputation precedes you”. This may be the reason they came to see you. They expect you to hypnotize people on stage.

Here’s a big factor. Is your audience a “paying audience”? This is the best type of audience a stage hypnotist could ask for. Everyone in attendance has paid good money to see a show and have fun.

Your introduction is critical. This is where the audience judges you. This is your opportunity to show your confidence and knowledge in hypnosis so that by the time you ask for volunteers, the audience considers you the “obvious expert” in the field of hypnotism.

Your introduction should briefly cover the misconceptions regarding hypnosis and the benefits of its use. Now, if you have been at the venue before, if your audience knows of you, if they are paying to see you or if the audience is college students, you will shorten you introduction because you can! You don’t have to spend as much time “romancing” the audience as you do with a first time corporate show. At the corporate show, you do spend some time dispelling the myths and how they could use hypnosis for stress reduction, better sales and how good it feels to be hypnotized.

Another thing to consider is whether to tell a few jokes and or do a mentalism effect before your show. I almost always joke around with the audience and will often tell a few non-ethnic jokes. Doing a mentalism effect such as the “deck toss” or the “book test” amazes your guests. I will do one of these after my intro and right before I call for volunteers.

I always make the following 2 part promise to the audience. First of all, NO ONE gets embarrassed in my show. I do not do that type of show otherwise I would not have been invited here tonight. Secondly, if you get into it, by the time we finish, you will feel the best you have in a long time. All stress, tensions and irritations will be gone and you will have the best night’s sleep you have had in a while. Doesn’t that sound inviting? Who wouldn’t want that?

Remember that your introduction is very important to the success of the show. Jerry Valley used to remind me of the fact that I know more about hypnosis than anyone in this room tonight. With that in mind, you can exude great confidence get your audience volunteers to STORM THE STAGE. Volunteers, come on up!

-Tommy Vee