How I use the Hand Clasp experiment....

I never use suggestibility testing in my show with the exception of the Hand Clasp experiment. Let me explain how to use this powerful experiment that will increase your success, put the odds in your favor and create luck for you. 

After my introduction and perhaps performing a mentalism effect or telling a few jokes, I will invite those who wish to participate in the show (volunteer) to come up and join me on stage. Then I will give the volunteers some simple instructions and explain to them that I would like to do something with the audience. It is important to be sure that the volunteers, on stage, do not participate in what you are about to do.

Addressing the audience, I explain that I know that there are many of you who are wondering whether you should have volunteered. Many people come up after the show saying that they wished they had volunteered. So, audience…’s an experiment that you can take right now, in your seats. It’s what I call an experiment in focused attention or imagination. Try it, it’s amazing.

Now, go into the Hand Clasp experiment with the audience. As you begin, look over your shoulder to be sure that the seated volunteers are simply relaxing and not participating in the the experiment. This is very important. Why? If the willing volunteers try this experiment and fail, they will most likely believe that they will fail at hypnosis.

Once you complete the experiment and have locked several people in the audience, ask those who locked to stand up. Explain that to be release from this, you must be standing. It is quite impressive as people start popping up throughout the venue and you hear the reaction from the audience and those seated on stage.

Next is to unlock them and explain the experiment. At the conclusion of the explanation, you invite those that locked to join you on stage. You invite them in a commanding voice and they will join you.

Now, what have you done here? You just added to your group of willing volunteers, several people who have achieved muscle catalepsy in waking hypnosis. In other words, these are people who generally would make great hypnotic subjects!

By inviting them to join the volunteers on stage, you have increased your odds of have a great show! Does it mean that they definitely will make great subjects in your show? No, but chances are that they will.

The order that you conduct this experiment in is critical. Some hypnotists ask, “How about if I perform the hand clasp before I invite anyone up on stage? That way I can pick only those who have locked or passed the test”? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the problem. What if no one locks their hands? It can and does happen. What if only 2 persons lock? OK, let’s say you lock 12 persons. What happens if you invite them to participate on stage and they do not want to? This happens. Some are scared or frightened a bit by you locking their hands. 

Use this experiment all the time. Use it in the order that I use it and you will get great subjects to join you on stage.

 It’s brilliant!

-Tommy Vee