A little more information........

We appreciate your patience with this announcement. All the details will be made public within weeks.

Here's what I can reveal so far:

This is a training opportunity for Stage Hyps who want to work more.

We are gathering the 'Best of the Best' Lecturers in the business and we are assembling the line up as I type.

This training is NOT a training for Steg Hyps, not for those who want to learn to be a stage hyp.

It will take place in Las Vegas, NV., USA, March 10 - 12, 2017.

This opportunity will be affordable and very valuable to your business. Two luncheons are included plus something special on Friday evening.

There will be an 'early bird' fee that is only available to those who act fast. 

That's all for now folks!

See you in Las Vegas!

— Tommy Vee, Michael DeSchalit & Jerry Valley