Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Conference, in the books

Here are some comments from attendees of the 2017 Conference:

"It was epic just like you said it was going to be! Well done!"
-Lori Redlinski

GREAT Conference!!!!!!!!
-Marsha Starr

"Remember, Tommy - If you guys hadn't put this together, it would not have happened! We're indebted to you and Mike for bringing the conference together."
-David Harrod

"I am really glad I came to this conference. I had wondered how much information could really be conveyed in an all-lecture conference, but I got a ton of specific tips that I'll be putting to use right away, as well as some more philosophical points that I'll be considering for a long time to come. Thank you, Tommy and Michael, for putting this together. Thank you, William Mitchell, for suggesting that I should attend. I have not had a better-invested three days in a long time."
-Jeffrey Richards

"Thank you for all of your hard work. It was great."
-Susan Rosen

"Thanks to all the presenters. I got so many great ideas and found resources to help. It was nice to meet you all."
-Doug Jones

"This has been a very positive experience. It seems that everyone else that attended feels the same.  
I agree. It was really excellent."
-Alan Sands

"Is there anything more mesmerizing then ten top tier professional mind bending hypnotist touting their climb to the top as I sit there observing and listening while in revelry, seeing myself as number eleven."
-Ralph Velotti

"Excellent Conference.. definitely picked up nuggets to move forward. Thank you!!!"
-Mariana De Leon Matthews

"Great conference, a lot to take home and implement:)"
-Gilles Bernard